Wednesday, 20 February 2008

What a difference the day makes

Well we are flying through February, the weather has been absolutly beautiful for the past couple of weeks, well really dry anyway.
Some days have been really cold, but at least it has not rained that is until today.
We have had a busy time, the other night we stood out in the garden and watched the sun setting, it was a funny kind of sky, it appeared to be all yellowish in colour, it felt like we were in for a big storm, but nothing happened.
I posted a few pictures of our sheep on the web site the other day, I have a few of the cattle to do also, it is just finding the time to do these things.
Maybe once the cows go out in the spring things will quieten down a little bit.
Speaking of cows, they have spent the odd couple of nights out already this past couple of weeks, there must be something tasty down on the Monteach Mhor the gaelic name for our common grazings. (It means Big Peat Bog pronounced monchuck more) well anyway they have been out and it is good to get a little restbite from cleaning out sheds everynow and then.
But it has been really cold through the night, so the food to them must take priority over the cold.
My Heifer Molly lost her calf, the other day, it was such a struggle for her, he was a large Simmental calf, we had to get the vet out to help deliver him because she and we could not do it any more.
The Vet had special approval to come through the road works as the road has been closed every day for the past couple of weeks, because they are building a double track road instead of the old single track.
Unfortunatly it was to late for Molly, we worried about her in case she would not get up after the time she spent trying to deliver him, but she is a strong young cow and she got up after the vet gave her some injections.
Her mother Angela lost a calf also, a beautiful Limousin heifer with a white patch on her face, we called her Chainer which is gaelic for Fire.
But for some reason she would not suck and her mother did not want to feed her, we tried everything to keep her going, I sat with her from midday to late in the night, before she died.
I am heartbroken, so I will not dwell on it to much, because I find it hard to put it into words.
You put your heart and soul into them and you lose them with in a blink of and eye. Some people could not care less if their animals were well looked after or fed correctly, to them they are just a piece of meat with a price on their head.
Angela has been back and forward greiving for her lost child for the past couple of days, she will grieve less in time, just as we do.
Time is a great healer, and time is stretching on now, the days are getting longer, our Crocus's and Daffodil's have all sprouted up and flowering at the moment.
It's good to see a difference in the day.


Alex Gallacher said...

I just wanted to let you know that I've loved reading your blog after discovering it earlier on today. I had to let my listeners know about it through my site...hope you don't mind.

Do you think by giving crofters indigenous status things will improve for you? I do hope so...

Anonymous said...

What a nice blog, I hope you keep on with it. I am in Boston, MA and my sister is the Vet in your recent post.

Anonymous said...
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