Thursday, 10 September 2009

Blue Tongue Information

Yesterday I read an article in The Crofters a journal of the Scottish Crofting Foundation printed in Skye.
It was in connection with the Blue Tongue vaccination.

Alasdair MacMhaoirn is seeking information with regards to strange phenomenon's that have occurred in you animals that you believe may be as a result of the Blue Tongue vaccination.
With his kind permission I have copied his article below.
Heading effects of Blue Tongue vaccination.
Alasdair MacMhaoirn seeks more information.
From time to time there are reports in the news about alleged side effects related to the Blue Tongue vaccine.
In all cases these have been discounted by authorities, but still the stories persist.
Any perusal of the Internet will lead to numerous examples and one site in particular,, has some very interesting points; among them that our own midges may be different from foreign ones and our native breeds may have a resistance. Apparently all cases so far have involved imported animals.
My own interest began when I was speaking to a fellow Highland breeder who, for the first time, experienced unusual problems.
As he told me, he has been raising cattle for years in the same area, Easter Ross, and this past calving was the first time he encountered two unusual problems.
The first problem was that one of his calves had a malformation in the jaw.
The breeder said that he had never seen this before in his stock, so it is natural that he wondered why.
The other problem is called "brittle hoofs".
It was as if the calf's hoofs were to delicate to walk on.
Again, he had never encountered this problem before and wondered why it should suddenly arise.
In both cases, the only new factor was the administration of the Blue Tongue vaccination.
I mentioned the problems to a local vet who discounted them immediately.
However it occurred to me if possible indications of problems are ignored in the first instance, then there will never be an accurate record of possible side effects which may then be investigated.
For example, I believe that it is acknowledged that GP's under-report drug reactions within the yellow card system.
Consequently, I thought it might be interesting to invite readers to contact me if they suspect that the vaccine may be causing problems.
I'll collate what ever responses I get and see what can be made of the.
Names need not be mentioned if preferred.
Please let me know if you suspect any problems at:
or post to Alternatives 39 High Street, Tain, IV19 1AE.

I have reported a couple of instances myself, with in a month of the vaccine administration we lost a cow in calf, for no apparent reason, she dropped where she stood, no warning what so ever.
To this day it cannot be explained.
Smaller more insignificant but unusual, one of our calves who's parents were both black ended up with an unusual colour splash on her hind quarters, like a grey bleach splash on a totally black background.
A pure breed Cheviot also had the same thing across her rib cage but it was a dirty brown splash mark, like a negative of the calf's marking.
I know for a fact there are others out there that have had unusual problems also.
I think this is a worth while exercise of an independent kind, after all the ministry pooh pooh that their vaccine may be the reason for some of these problems, but until the information is gathered then how will you know that you may not be alone, there could be others that have suffered the same unusual occurrences for no apparent reason.
So no matter how small the phenomenon give Alasdair the information for him to collate.
Hopefully he will publish his findings in The Crofter.
Thank you for reading.