Monday, 4 February 2008

Annual Sheep Judging Event

We went to our local Auction Mart last Friday in Torlundy, to take part in the Sheep Judging Competition.
It was a horrid night when we set off from Arisaig the snow was falling quite fast, but by the time we got down to Lochailort about 8 miles away the weather cleared up, so it was a really enjoyable ride down to Fort William.

It was a little windy coming into Glenfinnan but nothing to bad, which makes a change from the past couple of weeks.

We got to Torlundy about 7:40 there was quite a large crowd of people there, some of the old die hards and a lot of youngsters, it is good to see the young ones taking part in the local events after all they are the future Farmers and Crofters, they need all the encouragement they can get.

These local events are not supported as well as they used to be, people never seem to be able to make the time as they have other comitments, all work and no play makes for a very dull land boring life.

The Judge was Mrs Rosemary MacLachlan from Strontian, the sheep were mainly Black face, there was an entry of Mules and an entry of Texals.
The event was really entertaining, you have to pick the same as the judges choice to enable you to get high scores.
There is a flock of 4 sheep in the ring say 4 rams, 4 ewes or 4 tups and so on.
Each sheep in the group of 4 has a coloured band.
ie: 1 will be Green which represents X, Yellow represents Y, Red represents A and Blue represents B.
For every one you match with the judges choice the more points you will get at the end of each round.
Well I managed to come 4th overall, and first in the women's section, which I was not expecting, I thought I had fluffed it, so I received the winners shied and a bottle of wine, which was really nice.
My husband won the hamper in the raffle draw, so we had a change in forture for once.
It's is nice to win something for your efforts even if it is only a rosette, but I was pleased, my father was also pleased, as he is a member of the Black Face Sheep Society, he said "Well all my talking about the sheep must have stuck in your head somewhere" so I think I will give him the credit for winning the Sheep Judging Competition.
Congratulations Dad for helping me to be a winner and making me what I am today.

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