Thursday, 1 February 2007

Angela's New Calf

Great news today.
Last night Angela our prized Limousin surprised everyone by producing a new life into the world, might I add a little earlier than expected, "no pun intended".
She had a Heifer calf to those of you not in the know that is a little girl.
She the Heifer is such a dainty little thing, she has a cute head, long legs and is a fawn colour, unlike her mother who in a rusty red colour with a white face, as usual for all of our new born animals they are "welcomed into the world".
I have not chosen a name for her as yet as I am still pondering on this.
Her mother "Angela" whom I stated earlier was a little on the wild side, in particular when men are around, was as placid as you like which made us both feel less anxious.
I let Angela free of her collar and we guided her into the holding pen with her new born.
She was as pleased as punch, as were we. She was licking and fussing over her, mo-owing lowly with every slap of her tongue over the new Born's face
We do not ask for much in this life, except that it goes without saying, our animals are all fit and healthy, they all produce a good strong & healthy offspring with no complications.
As I said we were not expecting Angela to calve for a week at least but that's nature for you unpredictable.
We are pleased to say that mother and baby are doing very well indeed.
As soon as the calf is a little stronger I will post some photographs, we have another one due in a couple of days too, so I might wait and add them all together.

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