Wednesday, 28 February 2007

All doing well

It was a week before Effie the cow came in of her own accord.
Or should I say because she was hungry, her belly got the better of her.
She brought the calf home too which was a miracle with the weather we have been having it was touch and go for him.
But he is a hardy wee crater as they say in the Highlands.
He has all the makings of a good show beast.
Anyway he is home dosed for pneumonia, Scours and so on plus he got both of his ears tagged a little later than the three days, but I think safety is better than getting killed.
So all are well fit and healthy, as for my husband a little sore but nothing that will not heal as they say.

We have had nothing but rain here for weeks on end it seems.
I have to start preparing the caravan for holiday lets soon, that is another job along with everything else we do, sometimes there seems to be no end, but I'm not complaining.
Let's hope the summer has some beautiful days to offer.
The wild birds have started to migrate in, our fields have been full of all sorts of things, we have even had Lap wings this year, the geese as usual have paid a visit and a few others I cannot identify at the moment.

The Deer have also been in the fields a few of the Stags are still fighting amongst themselves but no injuries to speak of.
God I cannot wait for the warm lazy days, the garden is starting to come to life with Snowdrops, Daffodils and Crocus's popping up every where.

I sat and watched the Buzzards on Sunday, they were screeching overhead and gliding on the wing, there used to be only one or two of them now it seem there are about eight all sharing the Mountain side, the Crows go in for the odd skirmish but usually come off second best.

Speaking of Crows I did not realise how intelligent they actually were until last year.
Our dog was out in the field with a bone, I could hear him barking for about 10 minutes, so I went to investigate, here he was fending off a cheeky Crow who was trying to pinch his bone, as I stood for a while I realised there was two of them one would distract the dog the other would sit on the fence waiting for the dog to leave the bone and chase the other Crow.
Eventually the dog left the bone long enough for the second Crow to steal the bone, away it flew on to the Telephone cables above, the dog barking frantically to get his bone back and jumping up and down.
The Crow dropped the bone be accident dog picked it up and high tailed it off across the field with Crows chasing after him.
Well the dog won in the end because he buried the bone in the field.

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