Saturday, 18 July 2009

My Spoilt Brat

Well you better believe it Fraochan has turned in to a little brat ; )
He has taken over everything, even bossing cullan our collie dog about.
Even though he has been a great addition to our little family, he makes you smile even when you just look at him.
Fraochan has taken to sleeping between us in bed and if you do not make room for him he scratches your head until you do move to let him in.
He will not eat normal dog food he has decided that he will sit beneath the dinner table and bark until you give him something of yours from the plate.
He will dive into the dog dish when Cullen has finished eating everything and avidly scrape the sides of the bowl like he is starving, when you put something in the bowl for him he sniffs his nose at it and walks away. : (
He loves Malteser's and gets huffy if you come out of the shop without any in your pocket.
We found out he will attack you for an ice cream, the minute you get into the car with a cone in your hand he is on your knee trying to take a chunk out of the ice cream before you even get a taste of it.
He loves the bath but is not keen of the sea, I think he deliberately goes and gets dirty just so you can put him in the bath.
If he hears one of the Tornado planes shoot past over head he will come running in and jump on your knee for protection : 0
Mischief is his middle name, I can put something down and he will pick it up and run out into the garden with it, he has been caught burying his food in the garden as well as my socks.
Cullan has grown attached to him and very protective of the wee man.
He also runs along behind you and taps at the back of you ankles with his feet to pick him up, he likes to get a birds eye view of things rather than a view of tall grass only.
He makes us laugh out load sometimes, and it's hard to tell him off when he is naughty because he looks at you with those big brown eyes which would melt the hardest heart.
I have a screen saver with wee whiskey playing in the sea with cullan, I still miss him terribly and Fraochan will never replace him but he has filled a hurting heart.

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poppytat said...

lol anne...what a proper little bratt! i can see how his personality and character has kept him in your life.
yes dogs do good healing a hurting head...but he should lay off the malteasers!