Saturday, 9 May 2009

Look what I got

Awe look what I got.

His name is "fraochan" which is Gaelic for White Heather.
He is a 7 week old Jack Russell.
His colours are perfect, he has a little kink in his tail, he had his tail jammed in a door when he was a couple of weeks old.
After losing Whisky it has been a little hard for me to think of having another dog, but we really needed to jump in at the deep end because our collie Cullan was missing another dogs company.
He was looking unhappy when we were out and about with him, he was always looking for his pal.
He still sits by his grave on an evening in the garden, it was becoming heartbreaking watching him moon about.
So hence Fraoch, they both took to each other like ducks to water, and run around the garden like lunatics, not to mention the house, it is taking a bit of getting used to as Fraoch is small and follows you about everywhere, one minute he is over there next he is behind you feet, he moves like the wind.
We gave him Whisky's bed and he loves it, he dives in and digs around the edges hiding his dog biscuits is something else he has decided to do.
I suppose this comes from being part of a large litter, they are competitive for food.
Anyway we love him and so does Cullan that's the main thing.
He is so curious I introduced him the the sheep, he never batted an eye, that might be a good sign, he eats everything so he has to be watched all of the time.
He likes to lie down at the top of your head and curl up in a small ball.
He has such a good nature.
I will keep you posted with his exploits ; )

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Liz_Postlethwaite said...

What a lovely puppy! Hope they settle in well on your beautiful croft. I'll keep popping back to see how they get on!