Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Introducing Gemma

This is Gemma she was born a fortnight ago.
Her mother is Beauty a Limousin cross who's father is Ronwick Iceman.
Gemma's father is an Aberdeen Angus called Nightingale Quinton.
Now for some reason she has come out a browny colour rather than black like her parents, but we will not hold that against her.
She is fine, fit and healthy that's the main thing.
Her mother loves her and hates her out of sight, she is Beauties first baby and she cannot get enough of her.
Gemma on the other hand loves nothing more than to run around the croft legs flying this way and that prancing up and down annoying the sheep and generally causing havoc.
She runs around at full pelt never walks, she slams the anchors on just at the last minute.
Now this is entertainment for her, but her poor mother is beside herself chasing about after her trying to keep her in check.
I think we will have our hands full with this one, she is so full of devilment, every time you open the byre door on a morning to feed the others if Gemma sees even a crack in the doorway she pushes her nose through and is out and off running into the other sheds out into the fields back around to the byre, all the while her mother is hooting and hollering for her.
Not a blind bit of notice does she take.
If she is not annoying the sheep she is chasing the dog, it's like watching a whirlwind or Tasmanian devil, she kicks her legs about like a prize bucking bronco.
It's good to see new life around the place again, it takes your mind of the sadder things that happen to us all at some point in our lives.
We are expecting another three calves over the next couple of weeks so lets hope they are all as mad as Gemma ; )

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Anonymouse said...

I had nothing to say that would console you for your recent loss and thought "least said soonest mended" though my heart went out to you both. Now here comes Gemma to remind you of the joy of life and make us all smile again.
Your pictures of the birdlife made me smile as well but it is a wry smile as we are still enduring winter here. It will be -2F (-19C) tonight and we have three feet of snow on the ground,