Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pop Goes the Weasel

Well what a shock I got this morning.
I went into the shed to feed the sheep as usual, we have a large fish bin situated in the corner of the shed that we store feed in for the sheep.
As I went in the bin and scooped up some of the hay, I was scarred out of my whits by a loud shriek that came from the bin, I dropped the hay and shot back out from the side of the bin and watched in silence, all the while this shrieking noise was getting wilder, I could not as yet see anything but the hay was flying up and down where the creature that lurked within must have been running around underneath, probably just as frightened as I was.
The sheep by this time were running about and butting me because I had the audacity not to feed them after going in the bin for their breakfast.
So I had to go around to the shed to get breakfast for them, as I was not going in the bin again until I had a bit more light to see what the creature was.
The dog was running about the bin I had to chase him out just in case he jumped in the bin, after all by this time I had still not seen the creature so I was not going to chance him getting bitten by this invisible noise.
I put the sheep out a bit later and went back to the bin in the corner, by this time I was armed with the hay fork just for protection you understand, I prodded the hay a bit but nothing stired, so I thought it must have got out, but just as I was walking away, there was that shriek again.
I went back and peered over the side, and there he was, I am just assuming it is a he because it was complaining so much, and a female would not have been so stupid as to have fallen in the bin in the first place ; )
I rushed back to the house to get my camera so I could get a picture of him.
Well here he is.

I believe he is a weasel but if you know better let me know.
I have put a couple of planks in the bin to encourage him to climb out of the bin, I went back to check a little later but he is still in there, see I told you he is a boy he's got no smarts at all.
He is only young yet the piece of wood in the second picture is 4" wide so you can gauge his size from that.
Let's hope he gets out soon, old whiskey must have know he was about the place, as he was going mad a couple of weeks ago around the back of the sheep shed, there are some sheets of corrugated iron there, so whiskey must have smelt him under there.
Speaking of smelling, the bin will have to be fumigated as the little so and so has urinated all over it and it smells absolutely disgusting.

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