Saturday, 13 September 2008

Lochaber Agricultural Show 2008

Well it's the last show of the season and what a hectic season it has been.
But a most enjoyable time we have had, not only for the showing but meeting new people, old friends and competitors.
We all put a lot of effort into these shows, without the competitors and the crowds there would be no shows at all, everyone should make an effort at least once to experience the Agricultural show events, not just for the nostalgia and history but for the truly enjoyable family day out.
We spent the day before grooming and washing both sheep and cattle for the final show.
We took Penny a cross limousin, she is so easy to handle and will let you do anything to her, even her feet got a polish.
We also took a Ewe in milk Myran, her lambs Chirsty and last years Ram Craigy.
We took two Tup Rams Rabbie & Raff, a gimmer Babs and ewe lamb Nelly.
There was a bit of a mix up at the beginning because Myran was not breed locally she was entered in the open and the others were also entered in the open class, the mistake was pointed out after two events had already taken place but I felt it was unfair to swap into the local class when the events had already started, some people might take exception to the move.
I said it had been noted for future reference and would not happen again.
Nevertheless I came way from the event really happy with our outing.
There was a lot of entries in the individual classes.
We got a second for the Ram Craigy, a first for the Tup ram Raff and Chirsty the ewe lamb in the open North Country Hill Cheviot section.
Raff and Chirsty have not been beaten in any of their classes this year which is some going.
They were both up against a 2 shear ram and a ewe for the champion but were beaten in the end.
I was not disappointed as they will get their outings again next year and a lot of people take part in these shows and go home with nothing, it is nice to go home with just one rosette at least you have got something to show for all of your efforts.
It proves also that you do not have to throw big money at an animal to win either, it also proves that no two judges have the same opinion about an animal be it cow, sheep or dog.
I have seen animals take champion at some of the big shows then second at others and nothing at all at other events.
As long as you know in your heart you have done the best you can then nothing else matters.
Our Heifer Penny got second in her class and stood out really well.
It was a spectacular day the weather was absolutely blazing hot, there appeared to be a lot of wasps about this year and most of them converged on the show field.
We watched the terrier race which was won by a cute little terrier, which according to the owner had been trained be dragging a fox tail behind a quad bike, she was a game little dog anyway.
It's great also to see the kids taking part a couple of the little boys took their pet lambs into the unusual pet show and won a rosette.
The kids also come up and ask questions about the animals and want to pat them, they should be encouraged to experience what maybe an unusual animal for them, as some of these children probably never get this close to any kind of livestock.
After all they are the future and the way things are going with this granny state of ours they probably will not be able to touch any kind of animal including dogs, just in case they get some kind of allergic reaction to it.
Well that was the end of the Agricultural shows for this year, now it's time to batten down the hatches for the autumn and get everything ready for the winter season.

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