Tuesday, 11 March 2008

On a High Horse day!!

Well it has been absolutely unbelievable this terrible weather we have had has been none stop, it can be so depressing waking up every morning and seeing nothing but rain bouncing off the ground and the wind blowing the trees about as if in a bad mood.
The fields are flooded and bare looking, here we are having torrential rain and places like Australia have had nothing but droughts for the past year.
We have been told on the news lately that we have enough grain in the United Kingdom to last 40 days? grain is at an all time low because agriculture is no longer as the boffins say "in fashion". Some experts are calling for a better investment in to agricultural activities, to reinvest in our future, this is highly impossible now, land is being sold at a great rate of knots for building offices and so called affordable housing, if land is not being sold it is slapped with a compulsory purchase order to put a road through or build another airport runway, so I am afraid that agriculture like everything else will fall by the way side and everything will come from one of our European counterparts, like Steel, Coal, Electrical, Electronics, Beef and Fishing has already been gradually coming in from anywhere except the UK over the past few years.
I do hope that someone in the powers that be corridors, will stand up and fight for our corner and way of life, all they have to do is reach out and speak to the people on the ground instead of the I know nothing about anything but I can talk a lot of rubbish brigade.
These kind of people do more damage than good and have not got a clue what it is like to be you or me or your neighbour who toil away each day doing what we do for this industry, Okay we might be small fry in the grand scheme of things but we all contribute something to the agricultural sector, we contribute to our economy, we provide a service for our nation with very little thanks or gain.
This weather is making life very difficult for all, we are still feeding our cattle and will be for the next month at least, we had a delivery of hay on Saturday, I took a days holiday on Friday from work to help clear the byre for the hay coming in.
We have both been working none stop lately and have not had a lot of time to do anything else, the hay man dropped our hay at the end of the track which is about a mile away from where we live, the road to our house and beyond is so badly pot holed that a wagon full of hay cannot get down safely.
So we spent most of Saturday taking bales down to the byre in between rain showers, we used a quad and trailer as it was faster than the old jeep, our tractor has decided to give up the ghost so we will have to spend more money getting that sorted out.

We managed to get a few bales down before the heavens opened up again, so Sunday was also taken up with fetching and carrying bales to the byre.

Some people do not know how fortunate they are living right next to the main road, anything we have to get delivered if it is in a wagon forget it, the item has to be man handled on the back of a trailer and taken down by us, this is all time consuming when we could be doing something else as equally important.
Nevertheless we do what we do with out complaint and managed to get the bails down to the byre, the cows came in when they saw all the activity they are so curious when they see something strange they have to go over and have a look to see what is going on.

Some pictures our Hay at the end of the road and a couple of pictures to show just what we have to contend with every day.
A car is no good here only an old work horse 4 x 4 can cope with this road, fun for the tourist once in a while but not for the people who live on it

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