Tuesday, 30 October 2007


It's been a while since I last put anything on the blog.
We have been so busy over the last few months.
We have managed to finish our new hay shed just in time for the winter hay delivery.
Once again the weather was with us when the hay arrived.
The two hay men are from Stirling and the hay smells absolutely wonderful.
This was the hay we saw being bailed a few weeks before in the fields.
I love the smell of fresh hay, it conjours up all sorts of memories from my childhood.
The hay men stayed for lunch, and we had what they call in the Highlands a good old cheildh (natter or gossip to the outside world).
The weather on the west coast has been a bit hit and miss, sometimes it is glorious other times the heavens open and it pours it down for days on end.
This is a great hindrance when you are trying to do anything.
We have kept two heifers back this year to add to the herd as some of the older cows will have to go away, we also put the young calf in with them who lost his mother a few months ago.
We called him Tefal, I thought he had a big head but he turned out to be a rather nice calf as did they all.
He cried for his mother for days on end, but the heifers soon settled him down.
We are going to winter him, so he will have a good life while he is here after his turbulent start.
He can be quite cheeky when he wants he looks at you with those large doleful eyes and my heart just melts.

The heifers have been good to him and looked after him, usually they can be bullies with the younger calves but I must say all three have been really quiet easily handled calves.
We called the heifers Joanna and Beauty.

Joanna has a striking resemblance to a cow we used to have except she is soft natured her name sake used to be rather crabby.
She is a lovely Red colour, Beauty is jet black and she also is soft natured.
They like nothing more than a good brush, they would stand there all day and let you brush them if you let them.

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