Monday, 23 July 2007

The Wanderer Returns

The Wanderer being our Belgian Blue cross called Bella.
She takes to wandering off like a nomad, not exactly part of the heard but always there or there abouts.
We bought her about three years ago with a calf at foot, she is so placid and easy to handle you would think she had been here all of her life.
Well she returned with a beautiful brown and white bullock calf on Saturday his father is a Charolais called Simpsons Greag.
She was about a week early but I am not complaining he is so pretty.
We called him Jocky he has a brown spot on the side of his cheek and two ringled eyes as they say up here which means that his eyes have rings around them.
I struck up the lawn mower and over she came for the cuttings.
That is her party piece, it does not matter where she is if she hears the lawn mower from anywhere home she comes for the free dinner.
She is so fly that she will walk around the back of the heard and come in the long way round so that they do not see her and she does not have to share, the others have not twigged as yet but it will not be long before they do.
We could not see the calf later in the morning and went out to look for him in the park.
There he was curled up in a small ball in amongst the tall grass all that you could see was a little piece of white from his forehead.
If you did not know he was there you would have walked straight past him.
I always find it amazing how the cows manage to hide their calves so cleverly.
Well I have a couple of pictures so I will post them later on this evening.
I really must get my act together and post the pictures for you to see.

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