Saturday, 21 April 2007

Spring has Sprung

Well it's me again with more news from the Croft.
We have been ultra busy this month, so I have not had much time to sit down to the blog as much as I would like.
But I will update you all on the events of the past month.
We have had another three calves this month and another one still to arrive.
We have also had some lambs from the pet Cheviot's.
Where to start??
First as promised the pictures of the calves born in February in particular Effie's calf, remember the one that we could not get in and she attacked my husband.
We called him Buster in the end.
He pushes his way in and swaggers about like he owns the place, he will not hang out with the younger calves but he likes being around the larger calves, you know the type a bit like the small kid that wants to be a big kid and keeps getting pushed around but will not give in, he just keeps going back for more, well Buster is just like that.
His mother is a Short Horn Cross, Buster is a Limousin Cross his father is Ronwick Iceman, the is a beautiful rowan colour with a white blaze on his chest and forehead.

Buster, Boris & Penny

Boris is a white Charolais cross, his mother is called Diamond and she is a first time mother who is also a Charolais cross, his father is Simpsons Greg.
Penny is a Limousin cross, her mother is Diana a Shorthorn cross, Penny's father is Ronwick Iceman also.
We have had another two calves since they were born, one of which needed a helping hand or should I say three pairs of helping hands, she did not want to come out into the big wide world.
Her mother started in labour in the early evening, but in the early hours she was still trying to get the calf out I felt around inside to see if the calf was coming out the wrong way, but it appeared that she was so big that she was stuck at the elbows, we had to call the vet in to help out, as mother was to tied to push any more, so the vet arrived, we tied ropes to the ankles of the calf and gently eased her out into the world.
Mother and calf are doing fine, I will post some pictures of them as soon as I can.

As I said earlier we also have some lambs too, not any trouble with them they came into the world without any help at all, every one doing fine.
So far we have had all girl lambs smart cute as anything.
This is Sharon with her lambs, may they be the first of many and grow up to be strong & healthy.

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