Wednesday, 24 January 2007

A Brief Word

Hi to the great outside world. I am new to all this so bare with me until I get to know my way around. I live in a remote area of the Scottish Highlands. I have lived here Eight years, my Husband has been here all of his life. We work together on a Croft Nr Arisaig, which has at the moment 29 head of mixed breed cattle and presently 3 Cheviot sheep, due to lamb in April. We both also hold down full time jobs, so our lives can be quite hectic I am not going to use this Blog as a day to day news bulletin of everything we do. More a small window into our lives, for anyone who may or may not be interested in what it is like to be us.
Thank you for visiting my Blog please leave any comments if you wish, any questions you would like to ask I will try to answer.

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rowan said...

Hi Anne,

I don't have much idea about this blog thing, however I'm going to have a go, and hope that you receive this message.
I also live in the Highlands, and was wondering if you would be interested in answering a couple of questions on crofting for me.
I'm doing a project on crofting for my Uni degree and any help would be gratefully received.